In a move that has stunned political analysts and thrilled social media enthusiasts, an alien ambassador has been declared the President of the Internet following a viral TikTok campaign. The election, which saw unprecedented engagement across platforms, was the brainchild of Gen Z influencers who decided it was time for an “extraterrestrial change.”

The alien, affectionately known as “Zorp,” gained popularity through a series of TikToks showcasing his out-of-this-world dance moves and his humorous take on human culture. His signature video, which involved a mashup of Nicki Minaj’s “FTCU” and the Black Eyed Peas’ “My Humps,” racked up over 100 million views and became the anthem of the campaign [[❞]]( [[❞]](

Zorp’s policies are as unconventional as his origins. He promises to implement “universal Wi-Fi beamed from space” and has pledged to turn the moon into a giant disco ball to “light up the nights with groovy vibes.” Supporters, who range from tech enthusiasts to conspiracy theorists, believe Zorp’s leadership will usher in a new era of interplanetary collaboration and meme-based governance [[❞]]( [[❞]](

In a dramatic twist, Zorp’s victory was confirmed during a live-streamed event where he materialized in a holographic form, delivering an acceptance speech that concluded with a spectacular light show. His first executive order? Declaring every Friday as “Galactic Dance-Off Day,” encouraging earthlings to share their best moves on social media for a chance to win a trip to his home planet.

While some skeptics question the feasibility of Zorp’s promises, his charisma and the sheer novelty of his campaign have captured the imagination of millions. As one TikTok user commented, “We came for the laughs, stayed for the alien leader. Zorp for Prez!”