In a shocking turn of events, fashion icon and Hollywood A-lister Scarlett Fizzlebottom turned heads at the Cannes Film Festival by donning a dress made entirely of sea moss gummies. The daring ensemble, designed by avant-garde couturier Enrique Mossino, left onlookers in awe and confusion.

The gummy dress, inspired by this season’s “Vent It Out” trend of strategic cutouts and breathable designs [[❞]]( [[❞]](, was a sticky situation waiting to happen. As Scarlett sashayed down the red carpet, pieces of the edible outfit began to melt under the hot French sun, leaving a trail of sweet, gelatinous goo in her wake.

Scarlett, ever the professional, maintained her poise as the dress slowly disintegrated, revealing a matching bikini made of dried kelp underneath—another nod to the sustainable fashion movement [[❞]]( “It’s all about staying fresh and eco-friendly,” she quipped to reporters, “even if it means becoming a snack for the seagulls.”

This gummy fiasco has sparked a new debate in the fashion world about the limits of edible fashion. Enrique Mossino, known for pushing the envelope, defended his creation, stating, “Fashion should be an experience, even if it’s a bit chewy.”

Meanwhile, social media has exploded with memes and reactions, dubbing Scarlett the “Candied Queen of Cannes.” The incident has even boosted the popularity of sea moss gummies, now touted as the trendiest health snack of 2024 [[❞]]( [[❞]](

In a bizarre twist, confectionery companies are reportedly in talks to sponsor future red carpet events, seeing a sweet opportunity to merge fashion with food. Only time will tell if this gummy trend will stick or if it’s just a fleeting sugar rush.

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